Be active for our future album…

You wish to participate in the words of one of the pieces of our next album?

Nothing more easy.

If to be you a woman, and that you wish to express yourselves on this grave subject whom are violence against sexist women, the behavior, or that you wish to express the pride which is your to be a woman, send we your words, your felt, we shall take into account them to integrate them into the text of a piece of our future album dedicated on this matter which particularly means a lot to us.

Your contribution will have to take the shape of some words, sentences, a small poem if you wish it, of some lines ( 4-5 ) so that we can exploit it at best.

Note, please, that:
message offensive, uncalled-for, except subject and subject will be ignored.
If some turn out too violent, they will be the object of a signalment.

You message will be translated into Englishman for the needs for the piece.

We shall take your exact words in the majority of the cases, if it is necessary to us to adjust to it some part, it will be only to integrate them better into the piece.

You can sign your message of a pen name and choose or not to be quoted via this pen name in our next album.
On no account the addresses e-mails will be neither revealed nor exploited for something else than this campaign of participation.

To you to play ....