Manu – Bass – Orchestrations

Manu – Bass – Orchestrations


Manu is the bass player of Elfika. He is also the founder and one of the leading composers. Conventionally organist training and conducting orchestras, he has doubled since very early passion for classical music with an equally strong passion for heavy metal and hard rock, has always been convinced that these two music styles were in opposing anything. The discovery in the 2000s of Nightwish will give him right and it is during this period that the concept of Elfika will imagine. Concept which remained asleep for several years, being absorbed by other musical activities. That’s when his friend Serge Celerin asked to write a piece of symphonic metal for his show for children of the moon that the concept will take shape and life.

Inspired by bass player Steve Harris as (he’s a fan of the first hour of Iron Maiden), or Robert Trujillo, he refuses to play bass to the mediator and develops a game marked by the bass lines to the Maiden.

His classical training allows him to compose and bring symphonic dimension to Elfika.

He is also a composer for many other groups and made several Original Teaser Trailer, short and medium-length films.

But his main goal is to push Elfika as far as possible and to fully live his passion for music, which can be expressed in its entirety in this group where melody, metal symphonies and mingle and express fully.